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What is a Pincode?

Postal Index Number or PIN or Pincode is the numbering of the post office or post code system used by India Post. In India, the Pin-code is 6 digits long. First digit means region, second the sub-region, third the sorting district, and last three represent the post office code. India has a total of nine PIN zones.

Barnala Pincode / Post Office Search (LUDHIANA, Punjab)

Badbar B.O 148106BarnalaPunjab
Barnala S.O 148101BarnalaPunjab
Bhathlan B.O 148105BarnalaPunjab
Bhotna B.O 148100BarnalaPunjab
Bihla B.O 148100BarnalaPunjab
Cheema B.O 148028BarnalaPunjab
Chhapa B.O 148104BarnalaPunjab
Daddahur B.O 148104BarnalaPunjab
Dangarh B.O 148105BarnalaPunjab
Daraj B.O 148108BarnalaPunjab
Dewana B.O 148100BarnalaPunjab
Dhanaula S.O 148105BarnalaPunjab
Dhaula B.O 148107BarnalaPunjab
Dhilwan B.O 148108BarnalaPunjab
Dhurkot B.O 148107BarnalaPunjab
Gangohar B.O 148104BarnalaPunjab
Gehal B.O 148100BarnalaPunjab
Ghunas B.O 148108BarnalaPunjab
Guram B.O 148025BarnalaPunjab
Hamidi B.O 148025BarnalaPunjab
Harigarh B.O 148105BarnalaPunjab
Jangiana B.O 148102BarnalaPunjab
Jhaloor B.O 148024BarnalaPunjab
Jodhpur B.O 148103BarnalaPunjab
Kahne Ke B.O 148107BarnalaPunjab
Kaleke B.O 148105BarnalaPunjab
Kattu B.O 148105BarnalaPunjab
Kotduna B.O 148105BarnalaPunjab
Kurar B.O 148104BarnalaPunjab
Longowal S.O 148106BarnalaPunjab
Mauran B.O 148108BarnalaPunjab
Moom B.O 148100BarnalaPunjab
Nainewal B.O 148102BarnalaPunjab
Pakhoke B.O 148103BarnalaPunjab
Pandher B.O 148105BarnalaPunjab
Pharwahi B.O 148101BarnalaPunjab
Qutba B.O 148104BarnalaPunjab
Raisar B.O 148101BarnalaPunjab
Ramgarh B.O 148100BarnalaPunjab
Sanghera B.O 148101BarnalaPunjab
Sehjra B.O 148101BarnalaPunjab
Sekha B.O 148024BarnalaPunjab
Shaina S.O 148103BarnalaPunjab
Tajoke B.O 148108BarnalaPunjab
Tallewal S.O 148100BarnalaPunjab
Talwandi B.O 148102BarnalaPunjab
Tapa S.O 148108BarnalaPunjab
Thuliwal B.O 148025BarnalaPunjab
Ugoke B.O 148108BarnalaPunjab